Collab * Thank You Gift * 

Happy Halloween to you all  !

You can get this product for only $ 5.00
or for FREE if you spend $ 5.00 in our Store until September 30th, 2014.
Just remember to add it to your shopping cart !

It has 7 different items from different designers of the Store
(all exclusive in the Shop) :

* 4 scripts & Templates
* 2 packs of Halloween Elements
* 1 kit Tagger Size

Thank you to all our customers.
How grateful we are that you are shopping in our store !

Thank you to the designers who participated to this Free Gift :

* Delicate Pearl
* DNScraps
* HF-Projekte
* Rebellious Scraps
* Scrap and Tubes
* Bubble's Dream

Available only at Bubble's Dream Shop 

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